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Battalion Band Competitions 2015

Another great night of quality band sounds

Photo: Battalion Band Competitions 2015
With 8 trophies up for grabs and only two Companies participating it was a close night :
  • Ind. Drummer - Duwen Mugabe 2WK
  • Ind. Bugler - Ethan Fernandez 2WK
  • Ind. Bell Lyre - Rebecca Steel 14WK
  • Drum Team - 14WK
  • Bugle Team - 2WK
  • Bell Lyre Team - 14WK
  • Junior Band - 2WK
  • Senior Band - 2WK
A BIG well done to all that took part, and to our judges. Looking forward to more Companies taking part next year so we can boost our Battalion band and the London District Band.
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