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The Blackpool Memorial Bugle & Drums Tour 2014

15 boys from the West Kent Battalion join forces in Blackpool

Blackpool Band Tour - 13 boys from the 2nd West Kent, 2 from the 14th West Kent, joined forces with the 5th Croydon Pipe Band and the Girls' Brigade from Minster. We then joined forces with a number of companies to stay at our base in Kirkham.

On Sunday we joined forces with 1st, 2nd, 4th & 7th Altrincham and the 3rd Trafford Boys’ Brigade for our church parade.

On to the BMX Veladrome at Manchester - only one injury.

And then the Burrs Outdoor Activity Centre for Canoeing, Kayaking, high-ropes etc.

Camp concert - say no more!!!

Photo: The Blackpool Memorial Bugle & Drums Tour 2014
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