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"The advancement of Christ's kingdom among Boys and the promotion of habits of Obedience, Reverence, Discipline, Self-respect and all that tends towards a true Christian manliness."
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The West Kent Battalion has a long and experienced list of Company and Battalion Officers who have served West Kent for many years. West Kent is also very proud of the fact that we actively encourage new & young leaders to join the adventure and volunteer with the Boys' Brigade.

The Battalion Officers are asked to meet twice a year at the Council Meetings.

The Battalion is an independent Charity and has five trustees that manage the day to day business of the Battalion. The trustees oversee the finances, health and safety, safeguarding, training as well as making sure key resources are available to the committee.

Chair of Trustees Nigel Porter

Trustees: Ursula Ayliff, Dr Denise Hawkes, Dennis Roberts

The Battalion Office Bearers

The Battalion Office Bearers meet on a regular basis to discuss the core objectives of the Battalion, they organise and manage the events and Competitions each year for the Children and young people in the Battalion. They also look at opportunities to raise funds for the Battalion and ways to promote the work of the Battalion that benefits our Churches and the young people in our local communities.

This group is called the Committee and is made up as follows:

Battalion President - Justin Nevison-Andrews

The Battalion President is the person ultimately responsible for the work of the Battalion. This person chairs the Executive and Council meetings and has the final say in Battalion matters. Usually the President is somebody who has been involved in the West Kent Battalion for a number of years.

Battalion Secretary - Andrew Church

The Battalion Secretary is responsible for taking and distributing Minutes of both Council and Executive meetings. The Secretary also keeps Companies informed about events on a regular basis and provides a point of contact both with London District and the Brigade Nationally.

The Committee is made up of eight further representatives of the Battalion currently selecting three individuals from the Boroughs of Greenwich and Bexley with both areas selecting one of these representatives to be under 30. The remaining two representatives are from the Borough of Lewisham and the Town of Dartford in Kent.

Current Committee Members: Claire Dawson, Ethan Fernandez, Melvyn French, Louisa Nevison-Andrews, Charlie Redford, Robert Sheen, Stephen Taylor.

The Committee divide their skill to represent each of the Sections the Boys' Brigade work with and would be responsible for organizing competitions and events and discussing any issues which may arise following Battalion Events. The Committee will also appoint members from the committee to oversee fundraising and help with publicity for the Battalion.
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